Technology : Money Saving Tips for Lawyers

technology for lawyers

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The role of technology in every sector of business is very crucial. However, technology in the legal sector should be viewed from a cost-saving point of view. It can help save time and improve work efficiency among lawyers and staff. Technology can enable lawyers to spend less of their time doing administrative work and pay more attention to clients, cases, and income related tasks. In the last few years, technology has changed the way law firms run their business and is helping to enhance their productivity.

Eliminate Use of Paper with Technology

Many businesses including law firms are using technologies that replace paper and eliminate the use of it. When you cut the use of paper, it allows you and your firm staff to free up time that is spent on filing and sorting activities and tasks that are not productive at all. When you use the Cloud for storing all the essential documents of your firm, everyone will be able to access any documents at any time. It will also reduce all the costs that are related to printing.

Shifting to VoIP:

When your firm is new then you should not at all consider using an old PBX phone system. Instead you should consider using an IP-based phone system. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you to make and receive calls using your internet service. In this way you will be able to save a good amount of money by cutting your conventional phone bill when it comes to monthly service.

Use Practice Management Software: Implementation of practice management software is essential for running a streamlined and effective operation of your law firm. This is software that will assist you in keeping track of your cases, clients, data, synching calendars, assigning tasks to people, and most importantly, organizing all documents. You will save money and time by using cloud based software that your entire staff can access.

Use Accounting Software and Document Management: Using these after opening a new law firm can be very good for your business. You can use these either separately or as part of the practice management software. This software helps you and your staff create and format legal documents.  This in turn will save more time for you that you can be using more effectively. It will also help in the reduction of errors that are caused when documents are created manually.

Reduction of In-House Technology: When you keep several servers, it can become quite inconvenient. It also expensive to maintain multiple servers. Law firms have a tendency of using in-house technologies and other antiquated systems. You should stay away from all these, and install a cloud management technology for all your firm’s needs. Although many fear cloud-based systems are not safe, it has repeatedly been shown that it is safer than saving it in cabinets or traditional hard drives.

If you are a new lawyer starting a new firm, implementing these new processes at the beginning can save you not only time and money, but the hassle of having to re-train the staff down the road in order to keep up with technological advances in the workplace.


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