Reasons to Consider Law School

law school
law school

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If you are thinking about going to law school, there’s a lot you should know. 2016 is an exciting time for lawyers, and things don’t look like they’ll be winding down soon. A career in law provides enormous life benefits to practitioners. Here are a few good reasons to attend law school now.

Lawyers are Cool Right Now

Lawyers are experiencing some hot pop cultural attention these days. TV shows, books, and movies featuring attorneys are extremely popular at the moment. The success of Netflix’s Making a Murderer series has landed defense lawyer Dean Strang interviews with online magazines like Slate, speaking opportunities, and even blogs dedicated to his clothing style. The United States is in the middle of a law craze. Jump into law school right now if you want to reap the benefits of this trend.

Your Job Won’t Be Outsourced or Automated

Lawyers have good job security. The law is always open to interpretation, and those interpretations can be incredibly complicated. What does this mean for you as a future professional lawyer? That a machine will never be able to take your job. Likewise, no firm will outsource your job to cheap foreign labor markets because the law requires practitioners to be experts in local language and culture.  

The Work is Always Exciting

The law is always interesting. Are you the sort of person who can thrive in uncertain, exciting, challenging environments? If so, go to law school. A career in law permits you to meet and engage with a vast cross-section of your region’s population. You will learn things you would never have otherwise imagined. You’ll gain insight into human motives and psychology. And you’ll get to sharpen your mind daily.

The Money’s Good

And, of course, a lawyer’s salary is a good one. Lawyers are highly paid professionals, especially if they’re good at what they do. While a law degree might not be the automatic ticket to riches that it once was, lawyers still make much more money than most people. You’ll be able to eat well, live in a nice house, drive a working car, and have access to a variety of privileges that money allows.

The Law Gives You Power

Lawyers get things done. In law, you’ll be able to make the world conform to your will. Of course, not everyone uses this power for good. But if you are an ethics-minded person, a career in law will provide you with strength to fight the good fight. One good lawyer can be worth one hundred protestors. Catch a villain breaking the law, and you’ll have the ability to actually do something about it.

You’ll Have Interesting Coworkers

Lawyers are smart, and smart people tend to be interesting. As a lawyer, you’ll be in regular contact with talkative, sharp people. You’ll meet people with amazing mental abilities, who can craft strong arguments in a heartbeat. If you are looking for a workplace that stimulates your mind as well as lining your pockets, head to law school.  


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