Best Cities for New Lawyers

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In recent years, the job market has been rather difficult for lawyers, especially those who have just graduated. However, this has changed. Employment rates for new lawyers are on the rise. With the improvements in the legal job markets, recently graduated lawyers are now trying to relocate and find a good city to start their practice in. It is not always the big cities that prove to be good places for beginning a legal career. Many small cities are good locations as well.

Points To Consider While Selecting a City

Young lawyers should not be tempted by the glitz and glamour of a city when trying to decide on the place to start a career in. Instead, importance needs to be given to the other aspects of the city.

  • The average salary for lawyers
  • Affordability of housing
  • Amenities available
  • Availability of employment opportunities

By taking into account the given points, it will be easier for young lawyers to find a good city to stay in and work. Here are a few cities to take into consideration:

San Francisco, California

The average salary that lawyers can expect to earn in this city per year is $160,000, which is certainly an impressive sum. Moreover, plenty of young people work and live in San Francisco, a sizeable portion of which hold down jobs in the legal sector. Therefore, there is a high chance of enjoying a good social life with peers.

Washington, North Carolina

Popularly known as Little Washington, this small city can be a good choice for those who have recently graduated as lawyers. The average yearly salary is around $130,000 which certainly good, especially considering the lower expenses likely to be incurred living in this city. Additionally, affordable housing is not too difficult to come by.

Shelby, North Carolina

Generally, small cities can prove to be a better proposition for young lawyers. Small cities have fewer expenses which allow a lawyer, just starting out, to become financially stable before moving on to bigger cities. With that in mind, Shelby in North Carolina is a good location for young lawyers. The average yearly salary a young lawyer can expect is around $105,680. While it may not seem as much, affordable housing is easy to locate, making salary go much further.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston offers a rather good average yearly salary of around $160,000 for lawyers. Apart from the good financial incentive, young lawyers may find a few other reasons to live and work in this city. Around 20% of the population is young and many of them hold jobs in the legal profession.


Washington, DC

Washington is one of the best places for the legal profession for obvious reasons. The average salary for lawyers is the impressive amount of $160,000 per year. Around 20% of the population in the city is young. Rather unsurprisingly, around 8% of people have a job in the legal sector.

A high salary does not necessarily mean that the city is a good place for a young lawyer to start a career. There are other factors to consider such as cost of living, weather, balance between work and personal life, and growth potential.

What are some of the top cities that you would recommend to a recent law grad?

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