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Whether you are a recent law school graduate or a seasoned attorney opening a solo practice, your goal is to become the most efficient, effective lawyer you can be, and you need to do it in a way that doesn’t dramatically impact your bottom line. In short, you need to be frugal.

The team at The Frugal Lawyer understands that need. As such, our mission is to consistently provide you with innovative and useful industry tips and tricks, as well as insight into the most economical and efficient cutting edge technology designed for the legal industry. We scour the internet and utilize our own contacts, resources and experience to uncover the latest industry news and advice. We present it to you with an eye toward saving you time and money.

As a lawyer, you are savvy enough to know that in your profession there will always be a learning curve. After all, new laws are regularly passed that you need to be aware of, so an essential part of your job includes ensuring that you have the right network of resources so you don’t miss out on any critical industry news that may impact your cases.
When it comes to the economic side of the profession, staying ahead of the learning curve is also vital. Frugality doesn’t mean being ‘cheap’. It means being conscientious about how you spend your time and money because when you save time and money, so do your clients. That reflects well on you and your law firm.

The information offered on The Frugal Lawyer is geared toward attorneys who are looking for practical and useful ways to more efficiently manage their time and finances. We believe that all lawyers, including recent graduates as well as longstanding professionals, can benefit from our knowledge and experience. So, bookmark our site and visit us often as we are consistently adding fresh, beneficial content. The staff of The Frugal Lawyer has worked hard to create a useful site for legal professionals in hopes that we may become a valuable part of your critical network of resources.

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