7 Oddball Tips that Can Save You Money

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Most lawyers are probably already familiar with the basics of keeping overhead low at work. They remember to turn off the lights when they leave a room, they opt for used office furniture, and they shop around for the best deals on office equipment. But, there are additional myriad unique ways you can save money without negatively impacting your business. Here are seven easy, oddball things you can do to save money that may have never crossed your mind.

Change Your Font

Thanks to a 14-yr old boy’s science fair project, the United States federal government has changed its font, resulting in an annual savings of about $176 million. Most law firms won’t realize that level of savings, but by changing your font style and size you can save money.

Print on Lowest Quality Setting

High quality print settings should only be used during times when documents will need to be shared, or if you plan on archiving them. Otherwise, save ink by using the low print quality setting.

Refill Ink Cartridges

Instead of buying new cartridges every time your printer runs out of ink, take your existing empty ink cartridge to a local office supply store and have them refill it for you. You can save well over 50% of what you would spend on a new ink cartridge every time.

Double-sided Print

More work than ever is being conducted online without ever printing a single page. However, there are times when a printout is required. So, when it is feasible, consider printing on both sides of the paper. The more often you do that, the less money you will spend on paper. Alternatively, consider using the blank side of paper that is printed on just one side as scratch paper.

Hire an Intern

If you can’t afford a staff, or don’t need one enough to justify the cost, hire an intern for little or no pay. You will give them valuable industry experience, and the intern will provide you with much needed assistance.

Change Your Bulbs

If you don’t already use energy-efficient CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs), make the switch now. CFLs are environmentally friendly, last up to 10 times as long as standard bulbs, and they will save you up to 75% on your energy costs.

Update on the Cheap

If you plan to purchase office furniture, it’s obviously more cost effective to buy it used. But, office furniture stores aren’t the only places to look. Check online sites like Craigslist, and visit trade shows and flea markets in your area, too. Often, those sources will have better pricing than a traditional office furniture store. The options will also be more unique in case you’re looking to buy a signature piece on a budget.

Finding ways to save money doesn’t have to be challenging, and a magnanimous gesture on your part isn’t required to realize savings either. By implementing the small, simple and effective tips included above, you will save money on your bottom line without even realizing you’re doing it.

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