6 Tips for Rising Millennial Lawyers

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You’ve conquered law school and passed the bar. Maybe you’ve already been offered a position as an associate at a law firm. You’re well on your way to a successful career as a lawyer.

As a millennial, you probably already know there can be a stigma of sorts about our generation. Are we lazy? Do we question what shouldn’t be questioned? To help you vanquish this stigma and prove to your potential employers that you are exactly whom they need on their team, here is a list of 6 tips for rising millennial lawyers.

  1. Remember That You Are the Newest Member on the Team

While contribution is important in many situations, keep in mind that you’re new to the team, and showing deference is a crucial trait to exude. Respect those who have been there longer than you, and get accustomed to the way they work and what they’re expecting of you.

  1. Listen First

As a new attorney and millennial, it’s so important to listen to senior attorneys before you speak. There may be a certain way they like things done. There is also so much to learn from senior attorneys. Use these first few months to gain as much knowledge as you can from them. Their experience plays such a huge role in what you take from your employers.

  1. Dress Professionally

Some more experienced, senior attorneys might have unspoken expectations as far as how their associates dress in the office. Lean more toward the conservative side when choosing what you wear to work.

  1. Stay Diligent

You’ve made it this far – it’s clear that you’re an incredibly hard worker. Don’t let the copious amount of work get the better of you. Stay on top of all of your assignments, know what you have due when, reply to emails, be timely in completing your tasks, and request more work as much as possible.

  1. Keep Track of Your Accomplishments

Whether you already have an awesome new job or you’re on the hunt for one, take the time to keep track of everything you’re accomplishing. Allow your resume to really highlight everything you’ve done as opposed to reading like a list from your job descriptions. In what areas have you gained expertise and why?

  1. Know What’s Expected of You

In the same way that you should respect senior attorneys at your firm, it’s important too to know what they expect of you. Are they expecting you to work 80 hours a week? Prepare yourself to decide what you’re willing to sacrifice. Make sure you have a really clear idea of what they need from you, and move forward from there. If you know what they want and you deliver, you can’t disappoint.

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